Plan Your Travel to Kerala

First Stage Planning

When you are planning your trip to Kerala, situated in the South of India, usually it is not your first trip to India. You already have an idea of what to expect in India and how to plan. However you would be surprised at how different Kerala and South India is from the rest of the country. The languages are different, people have completely different dietary habits, people dress differently, people look different, cultural practices are completely different, the vegetation is different, the fruits that you will eat are different, seafood is aplenty… in fact, the entire planning can be quite different taking into account the varied nature of your holiday in Kerala.


You can plan your trip to India, Kerala thematically. But whatever you do, you need to decide on the duration of your stay. For optimally enjoying your Kerala luxury tour it has to be a minimum of one week. However, we advise planning your Kerala holidays between one week and two weeks depending upon your available time and your requirements. That said, for a Kerala Ayurveda tour, the duration is usually much longer and the Ayurveda doctor decides after consulting the client.

(For bespoke travel to India Kerala, we can advise you on the best possible duration that ideally meets your requirements.)


Kerala is synonymous with greenery, nature and relaxation. And the rest of South India offers a lot of cultural heritage, Tamil Nadu tourism for example. These can be combined together. Or planned separately. Your theme can also be specialised like culinary or wildlife. Kerala is the heart of spice plantations in the world. The refined cuisine with aromatic spices and herbs will delight your senses. We can even help you plan culinary classes to take back home with you. Tea plantation and spice plantation visits on the hill stations can be another interesting option. You can also relax at the marvellous Beaches of Kerala. When you plan your luxury Kerala tours, you can also consult and write to us to customise your trip to Kerala.

Hotels & Resorts

Kerala and South India have excellent luxury hotels, resorts and heritage villas and bungalows. Depending upon your theme, choice of region and the level of luxury you can plan your luxury Kerala holidays. Some excellent examples are Coconut Lagoon, Wimberdere Estate, Marari Beach Resort and others. (Hyperlinks to hotel descriptions provided). Each hotel or accommodation has a definite or multiple purposes. Hence the choice becomes important for your specific purpose.

(For bespoke travel to India Kerala, fill out our form (Hyperlink to form) to help you find the best luxury options of the hotels & resorts.)


Kerala experiences mostly warm weather throughout the year. You can plan your Luxury Kerala holidays truly at any time of the year. Even monsoons are not a bad time contrary to what most people may have you believe. It is a coastal tropical region. Rains do not cause too much of a hindrance in any activity since it is short lived. You will be staying in select luxury resorts equipped with excellent air-conditioning.  However hill stations in winter like Munnar, Periyar can be quite cold and night temperatures may drop to 8°C and you should be equipped accordingly. Of course Christmas and New Year are fantastic moments to spend in Kerala and will give you the most pleasure especially if you are with your loved one.


This is the most important part of your planning of your luxury Kerala holidays. Planning your itinerary requires the most time and effort. Subject to the choice of your theme, (nature, beaches, cultural or Ayurveda) you have to plan the city visits, the routes, you have to plan the roads to avoid that are less interesting or scenic and the stops required during the journey. In fact itinerary planning is the work of multiple people or the work of travel professionals. If you believe you are adept at making the itinerary, it is excellent. Else, we can help you in designing the most efficient itinerary since that is what we do as a profession. Designing Kerala holiday packages (Hyperlink to our homepage of Kerala) in subtle luxury is what we are best known for.


Doing select Kerala luxury tour packages, depending upon the number of people travelling, the type of vehicle (car, micro mini) and the choice of vehicle (large or medium) become very important. However, what a foreign traveller does not realise is that the choice of chauffeur is even more important. Looking at a vehicle it is relatively easy to find out the level of comfort. However just by looking at the comfort level of the vehicle will not give you an idea of the competence of the chauffeur. Often the success of a luxury Kerala tour depends almost wholly upon the competence of the chauffeur. Almost nothing can replace the competence and knowledge of an experienced chauffeur. That is where the company providing the vehicles is very important.

(For booking the best vehicles with an experienced chauffeur, you can fill out our form. We have an experience of two decades in organising successful Kerala luxury packages.)

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We have tried to compile the salient features necessary to consider while designing and planning Kerala luxury packages. We hope this helps in your trip to Kerala. Should you require any further assistance or help in designing your trip to India, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Please fill up this form for bespoke travel and rest assured, we will take care of every aspect of your Kerala trip.

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