God’s own country Kerala


This is one of the specially designed Kerala luxury tour packages that takes you on an exclusive journey that is best suited to travellers who are looking to stay aloof from the hustle and bustle of the mundane quotidian, to be able to discover the country and its quieter aspects in a tranquil manner. The design of this Kerala package is a study of pure and landscaped nature, heavily dosed with romance for life and the search and love of the self. These Kerala holidays are going to be exceptional for you in every sense imaginable.

Programme Details

Day 1:

Arrival in Cochin. Arrive to the smiling face of the India Luxury holidays (Kerala) representative who will take you for an assisted and easy seamless check-in at the chosen hotel and a quick brief given to you which puts you at ease as you sink into the comfort of your bed to relax for some time before beginning your Cochin visits later.

You will be paying a visit to the small yet renowned Pardesi Synagogue, the Matanchery Dutch Palace with its beautiful murals. And as the sun begins to slant towards the evening, walk along the shores of the Arabian Sea enjoying the view of the Chinese fishing nets against the backdrop of the setting sun. These are moments that you will live in your mind for a long time.

(To set the mood of your journey through Kerala, we organise and recommend your stay at the heritage Brunton Boatyard, which has a special mention in our Kerala luxury tour packages)


Day 2:

Cochin – Munnar. Your journey of discovery has already begun. Today you will be leaving the bustling city to go to a place where serenity is a way of life. In a few hours, as you move up the undulating mellow hills of Munnar, you will be crossing vast velvety expanses of tea plantations that are beautiful and soothing. It soothes the eyes and the mind. You may often see beautiful women folk in the midst of the gardens plucking the leaves which may end up in your cup. As you contemplate this journey of the tea leaf, you realise the depth of your holiday in Kerala.

To fully enjoy your luxury holiday in Kerala, we have arranged for your stay in one of the finest and charming estates of Munnar. .


Visits: Afternoon in the tea estates at leisure.

Day 3:

Munnar. Wake up to a lazy morning. By now the fresh air of Kerala would have cleansed you off your jetlag. Go to the viewpoint and have a look around at the stunning vistas of the tea plantations. Choose a direction to explore. And leave in that direction. Let your mind and soul wander around with your body.

Hotel Option: Same as above

Visits: Plantation visit, Tea museum

Day 4:

Munnar – Thekkady (Periyar). The drive from velvety green tea plantations to dense green tropical forest area is absolutely magical. This is arguably the greenest part of a holiday in Kerala with spice plantations and an ambience so clean that you can feel it cleansing your body.

To enjoy to the fullest, we propose one of the best hotels in Periyar in our repertoire of Kerala luxury tour packages.


Visits: Spice Plantations

Day 5:

Thekkady (Periyar). Periyar: In the midst of the green cover, staying at an outstanding resort, spend a day at leisure. Choose from a range of activities that we propose: going on the river doing bamboo rafting, trekking in the forest, culinary classes, learn yoga from a yoga master, discovery of spice plantations on elephant back which is an incredible animal bonding experience. It may be interesting for you to know that you are in the region where there is the highest concentration of all aromatic spices like cloves, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, turmeric and add to that coffee and also tea plantations. That is food for thought!

Hotel Options: SPICE VILLAGE.

Visits: activities as mentioned

Day 6:

Periyar – Kumarakom. The shimmering waters of the huge lake Wembanad are a treat to calm the mind and the soul. We will arrange for a stay at a tranquil resort where you can fully enjoy the benefits of the lake, an organic vegetable garden to choose your food from, a helpful chef who can discuss the recipe that you want and relish a performance of Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art of Kerala dating back nearly a thousand years!

This is the kind of experience you get when you come to the experts of Kerala luxury tour packages. And to make your stay idyllic, we combine it with a special chosen hotel from our Kerala holiday packages that will perfectly match the mood of your journey.

(A stay at Coconut Lagoon is recommended and organised by us in our Kerala Luxury tour packages.)


Visits: Beautiful photo stops en route.

Day 7:

Kumarakom. Take your time to leisurely wake up and enjoy a wonderful breakfast. Around, go to the banks of the Wembanad Lake. At the jetty of your hotel, there will be a traditional rice boat converted to a houseboat waiting exclusively for you. You would embark on a day long cruise across the canals, the watery highways of Kerala and the Wembanad Lake discovering the many facets of life along the banks and the beauty of the vegetation around. At noon you will be served lunch on board. And then you can slip into your afternoon siesta on one of the deck chairs enjoying the rocking of the boat.

Later in the afternoon you will be served tea and cookies. As the sun begins to go down, you will be brought back to the jetty and you can get back to your resort.


Visits: Houseboat cruise.

Day 8:

Kumarakom – Marari. Next we will take you to a quaint fisherman’s village on the shores of the Arabian Sea. You will be checked in your luxury resort. You may choose to live in a pool villa hut for the next two nights. Go and discover the butterfly garden. Lie around on the hammock and contemplate the coconut trees with the coconuts above you. Or simply laze around on the beach and enjoy the Sea.

The food is delectable if you choose our preferred hotel handpicked for this tour from our speciality Kerala luxury tour packages.


Visits: Day at leisure

Day 9:

Marari: You have the day at your command and at your leisure. Do what you will with it. If you started an Ayurvedic massage at the Periyar Village, you may continue with it. Massages open up your body pores and eject toxins leaving you clean and fresh. We have a list of special activities that you may want to indulge in. Please yourself. It is not every day that you take a holiday in Kerala with such ease and pleasure.

Hotel Options: MARARI BEACH

Visits: Day at leisure.

Day 10:

Marari – Cochin. You come to the ultimate day of your tour. After your sumptuous breakfast, drive to Cochin. We will check you in to a nice hotel for a few hours. You will get to change and have dinner before leaving for your international airport for your flight back home. We will accompany you of course to airport.

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