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India is home to Ayurveda. In fact Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurvedic treatment. Ayurvedic medicine and practice originated in India about 3000 years ago. It is the world’s oldest holistic wellness and healing system. Some call it alternative medicine. Some call it belief. However, Ayurveda is a complete science. It restores complete balance of the body. The treatment done is highly specialised with the help of doctors who are highly trained and experienced with evolving knowledge coming down several millennia. Kerala Ayurvedic treatment has earned its place of repute in repeatedly curing chronic disorders over these millennia.

For thousands of years, people outside India were totally unaware of this system of medicine. When the world becomes a global village and flow of information increases, Ayurveda in Kerala begins to get recognised. Further, the failure of all methods of modern medicine also prompts suffering patients to look for other methods to relieve their suffering. That is when they learn about Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala and we reach out to help patients reach their point of cure.

Kerala Ayurvedic treatment is a specialised domain that we have undertaken to offer people who are suffering from chronic illnesses and are unable to find a cure.  We have tied up with some of the best Ayurveda clinics, both in luxury and non luxury segments to facilitate the connection between the patient and the clinic. We will provide you the best services that one find anywhere along with taking care of all logistics necessary.

Our Ayurveda clinics are tested and are highly successful and proceed in the following manner:

  1. After our communication with us, you will be warmly received at the airport by our representative. All necessary arrangements would be ready. You will be taken by our representative accompanied (if required) all the way till the clinic chosen by you.
  2. The clinic’s doctor will examine you and decide the course of action.
  3. The course of action may necessitate your staying at the clinic for a number of weeks. The usual treatment is usually for a minimum of one week. However, our experience shows that for any treatment to be long lasting, a therapy of minimum three weeks is required for any chronic disorder. But it is the doctor who decides.
  4. When your therapy gets over, our company take care of your subsequent visits to other tourist spots or to the airport for your return to your country.

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NOTE: We as a company are not promoting cure of any kind. We are simply providing the services of connecting between the patient and proven Ayurvedic clinics of repute and taking care of all travel logistics inside the country of India.

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