Where do we come in? We are specialists of luxury tours in india.

Our team has been designing luxury tours in India for decades for the most discerning travellers coming from around the globe. But it was never about the numbers. It was always about the quality and the unique experiences of a Kerala holiday. Whether you want to visit with your loved one or with your family, our travel experts communicate with you for a range of bespoke services to make your Luxury Kerala tour the most memorable of your lifetime.

How The Team Works. Definition of luxury India tours.

This team has been working together for a number of years on the field and with you to bring the most unique experience that you will ever get. The way we interpret luxury tour in India is not just about big branded hotels and ubiquitous names. Luxury travel in India is way beyond that. Our hotels are meticulously chosen, the itineraries are handcrafted after careful consultation with you by our travel specialists who are on the field 24/7 looking out for the best experience. There is not just one way or one route or one possibility of visiting or dining or organising the experience.

We know and suggest the best possible options for you; timing of the visits, photography options, the best quality of light, choice of local and international meal menus, booking the best table at the ideal restaurant, the right vehicle for the right experience, organising a concert, a backwater cruise, a romantic night in a luxury houseboat, participating in a stunning martial arts display, a walk in the most beautiful tea gardens of the world, leisure rafting in the midst of biodiversity hotspots, incredible ayurveda and spa experiences, each and every element is specially designed in consultation with you to make it an experience that you will revel in. We are the ultimate word in luxury India tour packages and our luxury Kerala tours experts will not leave any stone unturned to create this experience so rich that you would want to come back again and again. As we were saying, our definition of luxury is not limited to just a big branded hotel.

Add to it the special qualities unique to Kerala: ayurveda, the spice plantations, home of all spices in the world, elephant camps and a two thousand year old martial art all of which add up to make your luxury Kerala tour packages an unbelievable experience.

Custom private tour to India: Experts of luxury Kerala holidays. Quality escorted tours to India

If you are doing a luxury India tour, specifically choosing to do Kerala holidays, a hotel is just one aspect. Luxury tours in India is an experience. It is the creation of those magical moments that will stay with you as romantic memories of a lifetime.

Our team

9 years of experience
Gurikbal, or Guri as he is fondly called, is the fine tuning calculator of costs and prices of your tour packages. He knows how to play around with the numbers, the figures, how to change a certain configuration to make the itinerary more cost effective and efficient. He is calm, composed and does not get ruffled even when we pull his leg.
His favourite hobby: Playing cricket. But he hardly gets time to do that. He is too busy with his numbers. Which he is very good at.
Since he cannot play cricket too much, he indulges in Punjabi music. He is at his efficient best on an excel sheet when he is playing Punjabi music on the radio at the office!
Favourite destination: Udaipur.
Favourite hotel: The Lake Palace Udaipur.
9 years of experience.
14 years of experience
He is the contract and negotiations man. The hotels come to him. He browbeats them for a good rate. He truly works and negotiates the rates for you. And he likes to work one year in advance. He chases hoteliers down to have their rates to plan your vacations at an excellent rate a year in advance.
His hobby: also playing cricket. He can play cricket all year around. But the office does not allow him to do that. 🙂
Second hobby that he can indulge in is food. He is a big eater. Whenever he starts down to call a hotelier for negotiations, he first eats. Favourite food: Mysore Masala Dosa. Try it next time when you come to India! 🙂
Favourite destination: Thekaddy in Kerala; not surprising. Right in the middle of nature surrounded by greenery.
Favourite hotel: Spice Village. Not surprising again since the food their is beyond amazing. They have a new menu card everyday!
14 years of experience.
10 years of experience
Katerina, or Kat as she is often referred to is an India lover. She fell in love with India when she organised the first ever trip to India and let a group in 2006. Ever since she has travelled the length and breath of the country starting from Ladakh in the Himalayas to scuba diving in the Indian Ocean in the Andaman Islands.
Hobby: child and family psychology. Yes she loves children and often does professional counselling for child upbringing.
Favourite destination: Andaman Islands for the beaches and diving of course.
Favourite hotel: Marari Beach Resort. Her choices are high maintenance! 🙂
10 years of experience.