Karaikudi in Chettinad is a special experience.  The rich merchant class of the later medieval and early colonial period in India built up fortunes with flourishing trade with South East India and the colonisers and have developed an amazing set of buildings which reflect a subtle luxury and calmness. Visalam is one such example of the rich cultural heritage of Chettinad.

Visalam at Kariakudi gives you a feeling of a luxury home. But this luxury is understated. The floors are made of traditional red Arthanghudi tiles. Walls glow with the feeling of opulence. The staff smiles at you and make you at home. The cuisine is open to all. You can see how your food is being prepared. And when you are free from your Chettinad visits, you can relax in the “organic” swimming pool. Yes, these hotels are highly eco friendly and conscious.

Our Rating: 5/5

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