Coconut Lagoon

Coconut Lagoon lives up to the reputation of its beautiful name and even exceeds it. The fun part begins when you realise that you cannot get here by road. You take the boat from the jetty and navigate along a canal highway lined with dense lush tropical vegetation to arrive at the lagoon surrounded by coconut palms. If there is any idyllic place to completely relax in all of Wembanad, there is no place better than the Coconut Lagoon.

The tiled roof rooms spread across 12 hectares of coconut groves, crisscrossed by the silvery canals of the Wembanad lake, 3 hectares of paddy fields, pisciculture on the lakefront all contribute to a feeling of earthy homeliness. Their cuisine is delectable. You can go to the organic garden with the chef, take your pick of the choicest vegetables, discuss the recipe and get it served. That is the kind of experience and service we provide. In the evening you may enjoy a spectacle of Kalaripayattu, the 800 year old Kerala traditional martial art that is thrilling to watch. It is difficult to rate such an amazing resort experience.

Our rating: 5/5

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