Travel to India and Cherish memories for lifetime with Most Reliable Tour Operator from India – Maavalan

Travel to India and Cherish memories for lifetime with Most Reliable Tour Operator from India – Maavalan Travels

We can help you plan your trip to India in the right manner that will make your vacation in India extremely enjoyable. But why us? Why Maavalan as your custom travel partner?

Because tailor-made trips to India is our speciality. Because we understand India. And we understand you and your needs. And we listen to you. And we have made travelling India the most enjoyable and memorable experience. We have meticulously developed custom private tours in India that will enhance your experience when you travel to India.

We understand your perspective about this intriguing country that is India. You are excited about India. It is a dream destination that you have reflected upon for years. You have been waiting to visit this country. The incredible sights and sounds that India has to offer, the people, the culture, the colourful costumes, the rich food, the age-old customs steeped in millennia-old traditions… all the mystical aura adding to the intrigue.

At the same time you also have your apprehensions of this distant land; would your hotel bookings be valid, which hotel to choose and do they match up to what they claim to be, would you have trouble with your luggage, are train journeys comfortable, where to store your luggage during a train journey, how efficient is the aviation sector, will the food be hygienic, how common is Delhi Belly, are the mattresses soft enough, do hotels have wi-fi, are there roads in the Himalayas, how to greet the people when you meet them, how bad is the situation of poverty, how difficult is it going to realise your luxury trip to India.

Ready for your Trip to India? Maavalan Travels will be your one stop shop for all your travel needs!

Reserve your Booking with us for Custom, Private tour to India. Choose your Hotel when you tour India

When you choose to travel with us, you will tell us your requirements, you will give us your dates of travel and the kind of hotels that you are looking to use. We understand which category of hotels you are looking for, budget, medium category, five-star luxury, heritage property, resorts. This is what bespoke travel to India is all about.

You can communicate with our team who have experienced all the hotels proposed first hand and can guide you through the various choices to best fit your requirements to give you a comfortable stay for your India travel trip. We do not always count on hotel rating systems on various sites since at times it can be misleading. And it can be even more misleading especially if you are looking for an India luxury tour.

With our knowledge, you will get the Best Hotels in the category that you are looking for. This becomes particularly true in the case of specific events like the Pushkar Fair tour where the right choice of tents is important because we have our dedicated tents in multiple categories. This is how we design tailor-made India trips.

Enjoy your Trip to India by having some delicious Indian Food or let us know your Food preference

The tradition of Indian cuisine goes back centuries. And there is no such thing as one kind of Indian food. On your trip to India, you will experience that the cuisine in our country changes every 300 kilometres. And we will help you discover this food. If you are a foodie tell us.

We understand that the European and Western palate is a little delicate. And we will protect you from an overdose of spices. When you take one of our custom private tours in India, you can count on us to find you restaurants that have good quality and hygienic food.

You can forget your fears of Delhi Belly when you are travelling to India with us. Food is no more a luxury in India. However making good food is an art. And we appreciate and understand that art. If you are looking for an India luxury tour, we know to make the right choices for your culinary requirements.

Safely Discover India with Trained Chauffeurs

Our Plans

When travelling to India, roads and traffic are very different from the rest of the world. Most people coming to India are unaware of the way the traffic behaves and a number of stray cattle that wanders around aimlessly on our highways! Which is why we have chauffeurs who not only know their way around perfectly in every corner of the country but also their driving leaves you feel comfortable and at ease.

They are trained uniformed people with whom you can communicate and they understand your apprehensions too. They never over speed and always follow traffic rules which is not always the case in India among other drivers. And our vehicles are maintained in mint condition for four years after which we procure new vehicles and we remove our older vehicles from our garage.

Tell us more about your preferred requirements for your trip when you travel to India.

Let us handle Flight Booking for you

India has the second largest number of airports in a single country after the United States. And we have a pretty efficient system of Airlines with multiple companies. When you are travelling to India, you can come to us for all your flight booking needs along with the rest of the travel requirements.

If you are apprehensive about luggage while changing carriers and layovers in an airport, we can take care of it. If you are looking for bespoke travel to India, we truly take care of all your needs. Call us or Write to us.

Experience Luxury Train Tour in India with Maavalan Travels

Trains are the backbone of transport in our country. However, for timely departures and arrivals, certain trains have priority above others. When you are travelling in India as a foreigner to India, you would not be aware of which train to book to go from Varanasi to Calcutta or Delhi to Udaipur.

Which train is comfortable and which one is air-conditioned? Which is the correct place to wait on a platform to avoid the rush to get into your reserved compartment? Where can you store your luggage? Leave all of that to us.

When we personalise your custom private tours in India we will advise you when and where to take the train, book your tickets where required, your luggage would be safely put up on the luggage rack and when you arrive, you would be escorted out of the station to your vehicle waiting for you with your smiling chauffeur.This is how we successfully execute wonderfully designed tailor-made India trips. Let us do all the hard work. All you have to do is write to us by clicking on this link.

Our team

9 years of experience
Gurikbal, or Guri as he is fondly called, is the fine tuning calculator of costs and prices of your tour packages. He knows how to play around with the numbers, the figures, how to change a certain configuration to make the itinerary more cost effective and efficient. He is calm, composed and does not get ruffled even when we pull his leg.
His favourite hobby: Playing cricket. But he hardly gets time to do that. He is too busy with his numbers. Which he is very good at.
Since he cannot play cricket too much, he indulges in Punjabi music. He is at his efficient best on an excel sheet when he is playing Punjabi music on the radio at the office!
Favourite destination: Udaipur.
Favourite hotel: The Lake Palace Udaipur.
9 years of experience.
14 years of experience
He is the contract and negotiations man. The hotels come to him. He browbeats them for a good rate. He truly works and negotiates the rates for you. And he likes to work one year in advance. He chases hoteliers down to have their rates to plan your vacations at an excellent rate a year in advance.
His hobby: also playing cricket. He can play cricket all year around. But the office does not allow him to do that. 🙂
Second hobby that he can indulge in is food. He is a big eater. Whenever he starts down to call a hotelier for negotiations, he first eats. Favourite food: Mysore Masala Dosa. Try it next time when you come to India! 🙂
Favourite destination: Thekaddy in Kerala; not surprising. Right in the middle of nature surrounded by greenery.
Favourite hotel: Spice Village. Not surprising again since the food their is beyond amazing. They have a new menu card everyday!
14 years of experience.
10 years of experience
Katerina, or Kat as she is often referred to is an India lover. She fell in love with India when she organised the first ever trip to India and let a group in 2006. Ever since she has travelled the length and breath of the country starting from Ladakh in the Himalayas to scuba diving in the Indian Ocean in the Andaman Islands.
Hobby: child and family psychology. Yes she loves children and often does professional counselling for child upbringing.
Favourite destination: Andaman Islands for the beaches and diving of course.
Favourite hotel: Marari Beach Resort. Her choices are high maintenance! 🙂
10 years of experience.