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What is the Best Time to visit Thekkady, Kerala? Read on to know…

Thekkady, which is also known by the name Periyar and sometimes by the name Kumily, is a famous tourist attraction in the Kerala. It is famous for the wildlife sanctuary which brings thousands of tourists to this beautiful location each year. There are many places to visit in Thekkady, Kerala such as Periyar Tiger Reserve, Periyar Lake, Periyar wildlife Sanctuary, Gavi Forest among others that can be visited almost a year round which makes it an ideal tourist destination.

The climate in Thekkady does not vary much all across the year. October to February is a winter time and the temperature varies between 15°C and 27°C and is the ideal time to visit Thekkady. The weather during this time is ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities as it is quite cool. Though the area experiences sudden showers but this does not deter the tourist from traveling to this place. Numerous migratory birds that migrate from extreme cold places can be seen here. It is advisable to carry light woolen clothes when traveling during this time.

March through May is the summer months in Thekkady when the temperature can fluctuate between 20°C to 36°C approx. Though the temperature during this time is on the higher side, there are many tourists who visit during this time of the year too. Unlike winters, summer is the best time to visit Thekkady and see wildlife. It is one of the major activities during May as the chance of spotting various wild animals increases manifolds as they gather near the water bodies either to drink or to bathe. The doors of the famous Mangala Devi Temple are thrown open for the tourists, thus making the trip adventurous as well as spiritual. While traveling during this time, it is best to wear cotton clothes and also use sunscreen.

The monsoon season starts from June and ends in September. This is the time when the area experiences heavy rainfall and heavy landslides as well. Though it is advisable that the tourist avoids this season when planning a trip to Thekkady, it is this time of the year that the place is filled with blossoms and greenery and is quite soothing to the eye. The forests and landscapes in Periyar are worth a watch during this season. Also, being an off-season, tourists can get hotels and access to various other places at discounted prices. It is advisable to carry umbrella and raincoats during this season.

Some of the things that you must do when on a visit to Kerala’s Thekkady region are:

1) Take a boat ride in Thekkady, Kerala 

periyar boat ride
Boat Ride

Kerala Tourism Development Corporation and Kerala Forest Department offer boat rides for sightseeing and also spot wildlife when boating around the river.

2) Enjoy the bullock cart ride in Thekkady, Kerala

bullock cart ride thekkady kerala
Bullock Cart Ride

When here, you can lead a rustic life and abandon your car for a while and enjoy the bullock cart ride through the village lanes.

3) Go for a night patrolling with forest guards in Thekaddy, Kerala

Night Patrolling, Thekkady
Night Patrolling

If you are someone who enjoys something thrilling, then you can go for a night patrolling with forest guards and forest authorities.

4) Go for a range hiking in Thekaddy, Kerala

range hiking, thekkady, kerala
Range Hiking

You can opt for range hiking from dawn to dusk with the rafting and hiking programs of Periyar Tiger Reserve. Here 10 visitors are taken at a time and they are guided by armed men and guides.

5) Learn about spices plantation in Thekkady, Kerala

spices plantation thekkady kerala
Spices Plantation

The fertile land of Kerala has an abundance of coffee, tea, and spice plantation of various sizes. The place is known for its pepper, cardamom, vanilla etc. You can also learn how to make natural rubber from latex that oozes out of the rubber tree. Since the variety of spices are grown here, you can also shop for some garden fresh spices at reasonable rates.

6) Ride on elephants in Thekkady, Kerala

Go for Elephant Rides
Elephant Rides

Elephant rides are quite common in Thekkady and are not only available in Periyar Tiger Reserve but also in the spice plantation compounds.

7) Walk in nature in Thekkady, Kerala

nature walk, thekkady, kerala
Nature Walk

Thekkady is best known for its natural beauty. Often nature walks are organized for tourists who are taken through dense deciduous forests and also swampy grasslands. There will be a local guide who will make nature walk a perfect exploration.

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