luxurious things to do in kerala

8 Luxurious Things to Do in Kerala


Kerala is known by a lot of names like Gods own Country, or the Land Of Coconuts. This state situated on the Eastern coast of India is indeed one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. If you have been thinking of going on a Kerala Luxury tour rather than delaying any further, you should book your tickets immediately. No one who has been on a trip to Kerala has ever returned disappointed. To make your tour more enjoyable, here are 8 Luxurious things to do in Kerala.


1. Book a Houseboat in Alleppey

Book a houseboat in Alleppey
Alleppey Houseboat

Of all the things to do as well as experience in Kerala, perhaps the most exotic as well as luxurious thing to do is to book a houseboat in Alleppey and your time gazing at the lush greenery all around. Booking a houseboat is something which is done, both by families as well as couples, and it is indeed a tranquil experience. While you soak up the beautiful sight, you can simultaneously enjoy some wonderful Keralite delicacies which are served on the houseboats as well.


2. Enjoy a Meal over the Veli Lake

Enjoy a meal over the Veli Lake
Veli Lake

Food is something which makes up a major part of the culture of Kerala. Many tourists have said that there is no better way to enjoy a Keralite meal, than by dining at the popular floating restaurant over the Veli Lake. This is both a luxurious as well as experience which leaves tourists to feel absolutely delighted. After you have finished your meal, you can always opt to ride on a paddle boat or see the floating bridge which is a major attraction here.


3. Book a Cozy Tree House

Book a cozy Tree House
Tree House at Wayanad

Booking a tree house at Wayanad is truly a luxurious thing to do. It is usually the newlyweds or the honeymooners who opt for this as it allows them to be cut off from the rest of the world and enjoy in the lap of nature for a while.


4. Tea Party at Munnar

Tea party at Munnar

Most luxury Kerala tour packages include a tea party of sorts at Munnar because it gives tourists a chance to enjoy a lovely cup of tea right at the location where it has been grown and processed. They even allow you to purchase some tea so that you can take a little bit of Kerala back home with you.

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5. Choose to Stay at a Lovely Coffee Plantation Resort

Choose to stay at a lovely coffee plantation resort
Coffee Plantation Resort

Rather than staying at a boring hotel, you should opt to stay at a luxurious coffee plantation resort, because this is an experience which you will not forget easily. Most coffee plantation resorts offer fun activities as well like night safaris and even camp fires.


6. Take a Spice Tour at Thekkady, Munnar or Wayanad

Take a spice tour at Thekkady, Munnar or Wayanad
Spice Tour

Kerala is often called the spice garden of India because you can find all kinds of exotic spices here. So, your Kerala luxury tour would be absolutely incomplete without taking a spice tour at Thekkady. If you are unable to reach Thekkady, you can also visit the plantations at Munnar or Wayanad.

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7. Enjoy Shikara Rides at Alappuzha

Enjoy Shikara rides at Alappuzha
Shikara Rides in Allapuzha

Most people who are on a tight schedule prefer to take a Shikara rides at Alappuzha since it gives them a chance to take a ride down the backwaters for a period of three to four hours. These rides are all the more enjoyable and luxurious when enjoyed along with friends and family members.


8. Visit the Vadakummnathan Temple

Visit the Vadakummnathan Temple
Vadakkumnathan Temple

Of all the luxurious things to do in Kerala, this is perhaps the most unique. Those who appreciate art would love a visit to this thousand-year-old temple dedicated to Shiva, which holds within it beautiful Mural paintings which are indeed a treat to the eyes.

The more you travel, the more you will broaden your horizons and the happier you will be. People who never take a break from the hustle and bustle of real life, very often have emotional breakdowns. If you are very confused about how to go about things, then you should immediately get in touch with us and we will enlighten you about luxury Kerala tour packages. Given here are simply 8 luxurious things to do in Kerala, apart from these, there are also much more which you can choose from.

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